10x 5ml Syringe Barrels


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Information about Syringe Barrels 5ml

5ml syringe barrels is prepared as per IS:10258/ ISO:7886-1. Ribbon packaged syringes with needles hooked up on top are synonymous with quality. These 5 ml syringes that come with needles are mainly used for injections in medical fields. These syringes are useful in measuring the liquid medicine doses accurately up to 5 cc. Manufactured with the aid of using Becton Dickinson, those Syringes with Needle are to be had with a clean barrel to permit extra accuracy for measuring dosages. BD Syringes function with easy-to-read scale markings in formidable print. These Safety Lok Syringes have a Luer Lok Tip and a connected needle. These BD 5ml Syringes include needles that are usually one and half inches long. Becton Dickinson five mL Syringes with needles are single-use syringes and needles and also are disposable.

Needle Size:


Salient functions of Dispovan 5ml syringe barrels With Needle :

  • The barrels are made from non-toxic, clinical-grade polypropylene well matched with any medicine.
  • The tip of the barrel is of types – luer mount and luer lock. Both have a 6% luer taper as in line with ISO:594.
  • Plungers are made from non-toxic, clinical-grade polypropylene well matched with any medicine.
  • Gaskets are made from herbal rubber that is chemically inert and well-matched with medicine for the use of short-term contact medicine delivery.

Safety information:

Before use, take a look at the integrity of the sealing of the pack.

You are not supposed to re-sterilize and reuse.

Benefits of 10X5 ML Barrel 

  • Reading scale marking is much easier. 
  • Reduced chances of dosing errors.


Syringe Capacity: 5cc or 5ML

Needle Gauge Options: 21 Gauge.

Needle Length Options: Usually one and a half inch

Application: Hypodermic Syringe with Needle requiring a prescription from a medical practitioner.

Syringe Tip: Luer Lok Tip.

Syringe Wall: Clear.

Syringe Capacity Graduations: 1 ml increments.

Syringe Construction: Plastic.

Syringe with needle.

Needle Point Style: Regular Bevel.

Needle Material: Stainless Steel

Safety Feature Options: Safety Loc.




Packaging: Blister Packed.

Brands: Safety Loc.