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Methandienone (also referred to as methandrostenolone, Dbol, Dianabol) is an associate orally-effective steroid hormone originally developed in Deutschland and discharged within the USA within the early Sixties by Ciba Specialty Chemicals.

This is a by-product of androgenic hormone, one amongst the foremost standard steroid compounds within the world and therefore the second steroid (after testosterone) ever made. Methandienone promotes dramatic will increase in supermolecule synthesis, glycogenolysis, and muscle strength over a short space of time. It also has the effect of decreasing the steroid’s affinity for sex hormone-binding globulin. As a result, methandrostenolone is significantly more active than an equivalent quantity of testosterone, resulting in the rapid growth of muscle tissue.

However, the concomitant elevation in sex hormone levels – a result of the aromatization of methandrostenolone – leads to vital water retention. Hence, don’t forget to perform blood works associated use an aromatase substance.

In summary, this is a very good drug, and a potent tool for quick gains or retaining gains when used properly and safely. Dianabol is simplest for intensifying strength and mass gain. Because it is low-cost and can be taken by mouth, it is popular with people new to steroids and those that are uncomfortable using injectable steroids.

Dianabol 10 works much faster than testosterone. And as we’ve said, it’s cheaper, easier to get, and you don’t have to get an injection since it’s in pill form. It enhances your body’s ability to preserve nitrogen, which cells need to produce protein and muscles. Also, you’ll gain lean muscle mass, improve stamina and gain physical strength.

Basically, it really helps your body build large muscles in less time when you work out, compared to working out without using it. Its primary side effect is its severe damage to the liver. It also can cause alternative aspect effects like serious disease of the skin, oily skin, and body hair growth. In fact, there are reports suggesting that it causes or worsens male pattern baldness. Also, it represses the body’s natural production of testosterone.

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More on Dianabol:

Chemical name: 17α-Methyl-17β-hydroxyandrost-1,4-dien-3-one

Formula: C20H28O2

Anabolic activity index: 200%

Androgenic activity index: 50%

Active half-life – 5-6 hours

Classification – Anabolic steroid men

Dosage – 20-50 mg/day

Acne – Yes


HBR – Yes

Hepatoxity – Yes

Aromatization – High