Buy Omnadren 250 Polish Sustanon (Jelfa Poland) 5x1ml x 250mg



What is Omnadren 250 “Omka” that I can buy In UK now?

Omnadren is an oil-based injectable containing a blend of four different testosterone esters: Testosterone propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and caproate. Being as it is a four-ester testosterone, Omnadren is most commonly compared to sustanon. Omnadren is a four-component testosterone. The four different substances work together in such a timely manner that Omnadren remains in the body for a long time. For this reason many compare Omnadren to Sustanon 250.

It is basically twin brother of Sustanon 250 which just one difference on one testosterone ester. Each 1 ml of Omnadren contain :

  • 30mg Testosterone Propionate
  • 60mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate
  • 60mg Testosterone Isocaproate
  • 100mg Testosterone Caproate

Buy Omnadren 250 in UK

When you purchase Omnadren you get one package with five amp wherever each package contains 1ml x 250mg of all four androgenic hormone esters. Be prepared for Omka as which will push you extra on muscle mass (with quite high water retention) and large strength. If taken in conjunction with Dianabol (Metanabol) can provide insane leads to as short as two months.

Omnadren Dosage

As for the dosage there is rarely an injectable steroid with a wide spectrum such as Omnadren’s. The span reaches from athletes who inject one 250 mg injection every two weeks to extremes who use eight (!) “Omnas” a day (2000 mg/day).