Buy Organon Pregnyl HCG 5000iu


1 pack HCG
1 vial 5000 I.U. plus injection solution
HCG (human Choriongonadotropin)

Exp 2018 / Hence price, please note its still a working product as its unopened and can last 3 years more easy!!!


Buy Organon Pregnyl HCG 5000iu

Organon Pregnyl 5000iU Injection is used for treating the problem of infertility in women. It is likewise beneficial in treating male hypogonadism (not on-time puberty, and low sperm count). It works by liberating the eggs from the ovary in females and by growing the testosterone level in men.

Pregnyl 5000IU Injection is given as an injection under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Your medical practitioner will tell you the proper time to take the injection, so make sure you are always following your doctor’s recommendations. The dose and the way you’re frequently taking it rely upon what you take it for. You have to take this medication for the duration that is prescribed by your doctor. Do not overdose on it. 

Some common effects – 

The most seen side effects of this medication encompass pain at the injection site, headache, fatigue, and depression. If that troubles you or seems serious, discuss your condition with your doctor. There can be approaches to lowering or stopping them. Male may have acne, or sweating, and deepening of the voice. If you feel dizziness, faint, stomach pain, and vomiting upon getting the injection, tell your medical doctor immediately.

Before taking this medication, inform your medical doctor if you have ever faced the treatment for heart diseases or had an ovarian cyst, or had thyroid gland disorder. Your doctor should be aware of all the other treatments that you are currently taking because many of these treatments can make the effect of this medication less effective or might change its way of working. 

Also, you are responsible to inform your doctor about your pregnancy or breastfeeding. You have to keep away from alcohol or comply with your doctor’s recommendations related to diet while you are taking the dosages of Organon Pregnyl HCG 5000iu.