Trenbolone Acetate 100 mg/ml by C4-Pharma



Hormone content: Trenbolone Acetate 100.

Classification: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid

Presentation: 10mL vial

Dose: 100mg/mL

Water Retention: None

Aromatization: None

Half-Life: 1-2 days

Trenbolone Acetate 100 is indicated for the treatment of severe cachexia resulting from AIDS, severe health problem or unexplained medical reasons.

Trenbolone Acetate is a well-known steroid that increases muscle mass. That is why sportsmen usually use this drug to build up physique. Bodybuilders often take Trenbolone during the cutting phase because it helps to burn fat faster.

Trenbolone acetate was discovered in 1963 and was introduced for veterinary use in the early 1970s. In addition to its veterinary use, trenbolone acetate is used to improve physique and performance, and is purchased from black market suppliers. The drug is a controlled substance in many countries and so non-veterinary use is generally illicit.

This steroid was originally synthesized for the employment in oxen, but it’s quick to become one in all the foremost widespread steroids in skilled musclebuilding. This steroid incorporates a short, quick-acting organic compound and incorporates a lifetime of about 2 days.

Trenbolone is extremely anabolic, such a lot that does not solely build quality laborious and lean muscle mass moreover as will increase strength dramatically, however, it additionally decreases body fat very quickly and is the good steroid for the skilled aesthetic bodybuilder.