MK677 10




MK677 10 (Ibutamoren) is a chemical compound that is neither an anabolic steroid nor a SARM. MK677 10 (Ibutamoren) is highly prized by bodybuilders by its ability to boost both human growth hormone and IGF-1 resulting in great muscle growth, increased recovery rates and brain function, and better sleep quality without rising in stress hormones like cortisol which is a catabolic hormone.

Bodybuilders use MK677 10 (Ibutamoren) for bulking, performance, strength enhancement purposes, and for minor fat loss. Other key benefits are increased bone mineral structure bringing in bone health and strength, muscle retention during low-calorie diet phases, and an increase in skin hair and nail health.

Where You Can Buy MK677 Online?
Ibutamoren is being sold in many shops online. Believe it or not, most of the websites are reselling repackaged powder from China. As most SARMs come from China, this isn’t necessarily a problem and you can still find reliable places that offer MK677 for sale. You just have to make sure that the shop is reliable and holds valid tests for their products.

At Deus Medical, we don’t resell repackaged powder from China. Our SARMs are manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities in India with very high standards. All of our SARMs are tested. Moreover, our SARMs come in a convenient dosage form (tablets).

MK677 Dosage
With a long 24 hour half-life time, MK677 10 (Ibutamoren) can be taken only once a day at a maximum of 10-20mg or twice a day at half dosages per time in order to avoid sleepiness and tiredness side effects. It is advised to start at low dosages such as 15mg daily which for some people might be all that is required. Some people are known to increase dosages up to 50mg daily, but this is where personal experimentation comes in handy as everyone reacts differently to the compound. A typical cycle length is 8-12 weeks, followed by a 12 weeks break.
MK677 10 (Ibutamoren) can be stacked with other compounds or SARMs depending on the user’s needs, or it can be used by itself. PCT will depend on whether it was used alone- in which case PCT it is not required, or stacked with other testosterone suppressing compounds.

MK677 Side Effects
A somewhat positive side effect of MK677 10 (Ibutamoren) is appetite boost, being specially used for bulking purposes. More mild potential side effects are tiredness and headaches. Any potential serious side effects are still unknown, but one concern is mental health impact due to the stimulation of the brain receptors responsible for hunger.

Do You need PCT for MK677 (Ibutamoren)?
MK677 does not require a PCT by itself. MK677 is not a SARM nor a steroid and it doesn’t affect testosterone levels in any way. However,taken with a SARM (like RAD140) you might need to run a PCT cycle.

Taking MK677 During PCT
Another practical use of Ibutamoren is preventing muscle wasting during PCT (from either SARMs or Steroids).