RAD140 10




RAD140 10 (Testolone) is a relatively new SARM in the arsenal and considered to be one of the best ones for dry and hard muscle gains as well as bulking. It functions by mirroring the estrogenic and anabolic effects of testosterone, while only targeting the muscle and bones, avoiding any serious side effects which may be experienced with anabolics.

RAD140 10 (Testolone) is still under research so more is to be known in the future. Nonetheless, we already know that RAD140 10 (Testolone) brings with it a boost in mass, superb lean muscle gains, great strength increase by binding to targeted androgen receptors, and increasing protein synthesis and muscle retention while cutting. It is also noteworthy that some people report a boost in mood and a decrease in fatigue, all of which promote and give that extra needed energy for your workouts.

RAD140 Dosage
It is possible to get some good results starting at just 4mg daily dosage. Although most beginners will start to evaluate the true magnificence of this compound at around 7.5-10mg daily, with cycles ranging 8-10 weeks and at extreme cases 6-12 weeks in which RAD140 10 (Testolone) can also be stacked up with other SARMS. It is important to remember that testosterone production will be suppressed even at low dosages.

RAD140 Dosage in Females
The dosages recommended in women are up to a maximum of 7.5mg daily.

RAD140 Side effects
It is important to remember that SARMs possess different potential side effects than steroids do and that the golden rule is always to keep limiting cycle length and dosages.

A notable yet very individual RAD140 potential side effect is an increase in aggression or a decrease in anger management. Headaches and Nausea are other potential side effects that can be mitigated by not surpassing the 20mg daily dose mark. Testosterone suppression is very likely as it one of the more suppressive SARMs.

In addition, some users report insomnia with RAD140, this is likely a result of the testosterone suppression caused by this compound.

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