Super Testobol 600 by C4 Pharmaceuticals (1ml / 600mg)



C4-Pharma Super Testobol 600 a special STRONG blend of the following:

Testosterone Enanthate 250mg

Testosterone Cypionate 250mg

Testosterone Propionate 100mg

1ml contains 600mg of the above

Things to know before consuming Super Testobol

Testobol is a natural anabolic steroid that is noted for having a strong formula. This stackable item would not only help individuals to gain mass in short periods but also speed up the recovery times. The drug is well-known for increasing the testosterone levels in human body by 30% and also burn body fat. Unlike the other supplements available in the market, it does not enhance blood pressure as well as obstruct the estrogen aromatization, thus, reducing the chances of side-effects.

Dosage for Testobol

The patients are recommended to take two pills twice a day. However, the dosage does depend on one’s weight and tolerance ability. Individuals are to take one tablet in the morning and the second one after 6-8 hours later. The cycle must be of six weeks; however, one can stretch it up to 90days. Although the risks of potential reactions are low, still one must always consult with their doctors before consuming Testobol.

Testobol is also known for having Zinc and Vitamin D, which can quite effectively increase the testosterone production.